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Chatbot (Language Understanding)

HiBrainy NLU can extract the intent and entities of the input sentence. The service is ready to be deployed in commercial applications and can scale with enterprise quality and performance. It Supports Persian language Now.
Users says a request in millions way but HiBrainy NLU can understand them by using NLU algorithms.
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Language: Persian (We will add more languages soon)
HiBrainy NLU domains include:
  • Pay Bill
  • Money Transfer
  • Buy SIM Charge
You can try the following domains here:
  • Date & time (ساعت چنده، امروز چه روزیه)
  • Tell a joke (جک بگو)
  • General information (Wikipedia) (پرویز پرستویی کیه؟ /پن فلوت چیه؟)
  • HiBrainy database includes:
    • Tel and addresses of:
      • Banks branch (تلفن بانک ملت شعبه ستارخان رو بگو)
      • Hospitals and Cliniks (تلفن بیمارستان سینا)
      • Embassy and Insurance (تلفن اورژانس)
      • Universitie (آدرس دانشگاه علم و صنعت رو میخوام)
    • Cities information (statistics) (جمعیت تهران چقدره)
Diane Smart Assistant
Some features works in the Diane Smart Assistant app which is released on google app store soon.
You can watch the demo video from this Link
  • Play Music
  • Face Recognition
  • Phone Call
  • Emergency Call
  • Take a selfie
  • Turn on/off WiFi, Bluetooth and Data
  • Turn down/up Sound
  • Opening Apps
  • Send a message in Telegram
  • Post a photo in Instagram
  • Map Direction